april 13

rachel: today was a day of much tiredness and weakness. here is a picture of my knees; they and a lot of other joints in my body seemed to revolt against me quite a bit today. the thing i keep reminding myself through all of this is that my body and my health are not my own. even our health must be submitted to the Lord’s plan. what a great reminder that even though we can control what we put into our bodies and how we take care of them, that we are not in control of what happens to them. i can only rejoice and rest in knowing that my body and all that happens to it are all under God’s control, care, and plan.

matt: My photo is the best i could do to show Microsoft Excel. while i cannot show the actual files, here is a picture of how my friday was spent. mostly in excel and waiting for more files to put together. as most of you do, most of my day is spent in front of a computer and recently it is spent in front of excel mining data and making graphs. i had another theme for today that i wasn’t able to take a  picture of. as rachel and i read a part of our PLAN B, it mentioned that we tend to make idols out of things, possibly jobs or relationships or money or power or security. When Jesus called Peter, Peter immediately dropped his nets to follow Christ. the thing is, the notion of idols isn’t new to me, but a wonderful reminder of what am i putting in front of God. to use an analogy, peter dropped his nets, leaving his life behind to follow Jesus. everything he knew, his comfort, all the skills he had acquired to do this job, he left it all behind. this question was posed to me during an afternoon Bible study back in fort worth and has stuck with me, what nets (comforts, idols) am i holding onto and putting before God or not giving to God.

us: just being lazy on the couch!


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