april 12

rachel: my day was actually fairly uninteresting, but i was able to talk to one of my most favorite people of life. the woman pictured with me has been a great inspiration, prayer warrior, friend, and such a wonderful example of a godly woman and wife. i so enjoy talking to her and she is one of the most real and authentic people i know. she is open about who she is and always shares so much of life. she was a wonderful roommate and partner in everything during the end of undergrad and through all of graduate school. what a blessing this woman is in my life!

matt: I present to you my picture of the day and most recent note. Rachel loves to write me little notes. i mean she really likes to write me notes. On this day she sent me another note on paper that she liked to say reminded her of kitchen wallpaper which made me laugh, but more importantly she wrote me words of encouragement and love. it’s one of those little things that she does on a regular basis that lets me know how much she cares for me. while it may be something small, it carries a big impact for me. i love being able to start the day with words of love, grace and encouragement.

us: today we had tacos! this was actually the first time we had real corn chips since the break of our fast. and if you know anything about us…we used to eat queso and chips ALL THE TIME! and not just velveeta and rotel…we go big with the fresh flavors and put in our own tomato, onion and jalepeno to amp up the freshness! seriously though, we figured that it had probably been since the super bowl since we had queso and chips. instead of one picture, we present a series of pictures of us enjoying our yummy corn chips and queso! long live tacos!


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