april 10th

sorry for the delay of the past couple days…i’ve been under the weather and honestly just tired, so forgive us for posting late!

rachel: well, my photo for the day shows the fun we had at the pharmacy! i got to have blood drawn AND see two doctors today (what a lucky girl!), and came out with a visit to walgreens. thanks for the $5 medications insurance and walgreens! hoping to feel better soon!

matt: this is a picture of our first real fried food experience since the end of the fast. We decided to make a deal last week, so we had to follow through. The deal was go to quigley’s and get fish & chips. That’s it. So for $5 we got some beautiful fish & chips. With a beautiful crispy crust with the right amount of seasoning, amplified by a generous amount of malt vinegar this fried fish was super delectable. The chips hit the spot in our cravings for fries and oh how we missed fries. The meal, while it didn’t look like much to begin with, filled our bellies and our cravings for some fried goodness. Our cholesterol may not have liked it, but we scarfed it down like no tomorrow.

us: last week (before we had broke our fast) we made a deal to go to quigley’s for their $5 fish and chip basket. who doesn’t love a dinner of fried food?! this is us outside of quigley’s right after our wonderful dinner!


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