april 9

rachel: if there was a way to capture crafts and productivity…that would be my picture for the day. i feel that i have done quite a few things for our house and completed a couple craft projects that i have been working on. our weekend of productivity and working on a couple things for the house together gave me some inspiration/energy to carry on! here is a picture of the completed  crafts that i finished today!

matt:  my theme for today is Joseph and the fact that God was with him. as i went through this day thinking about different things in life and our life up here, my thoughts kept going to how God was with Joseph and the reason he was successful was simply God. the only way that i can be successful as a husband, employee, servant, anything is if i am dependent on God. He is always here and my goal is His glory. not me, not my glory, not success or a better job or power; all i want is to simply glorify God in all things. As my buddy Nate reminded me today, my help comes from the Lord.

no technicolor dreamcoat, so I tasted the rainbow!

us: with our completed vows project!

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