repurposing wine bottles

prior to moving to illinois, we had been collecting wine and beer bottles. we weren’t really sure what we might use them for, although we had a couple ideas…but then moving time came. we decided that we probably shouldn’t pack up bottles that we hadn’t put to use. so, we started over and have been collecting since we moved.

this weekend we’ve been particularly productive around the apartment, framing and hanging some wedding photos, some laundry, and needed shopping. well, we had some energy and decided to see what we might be able to come up with using the beer and wine bottles we had collected.

pinterest gave us a few ideas for the beer bottles, but we decided that what we really wanted to do (here and/or here) we didn’t currently have a space for. so, we decided that we would have to wait. we did find a cool idea for the wine bottles though.

here is the idea. take wine bottles (labels removed, which we now know for next time) and hot glue whatever words, numbers, pictures, etc. you want onto the surface. once the glue is dried, we used spray paint (with a satin finish), to give the bottles some color, cover up the glass color, and highlight the words we had glued. we chose to use the words “faith”, “hope”, and “love”, our wedding date, our initials, and matt got really creative with a picture of texas and the words “started together 2011” for a more personalized touch.

we decided to showcase our art on top of the bookshelf–a perfect place to catch your eye! and here is how they turned out:

repurposing and decorating,

matt & rachel


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