april 8

rachel: easter sunday! one year ago, i first heard the song “Christ is risen” by matt maher. i was driving to church for easter service and heard it on my way and loved it! the chorus of the song says “Christ is risen from the dead // we are one with Him again  // come awake, come awake, come and rise up from the grave!” such powerful words for an easter morning. here is my attempt to capture that.

matt: Today marks the end of our fast and we decided to end it with some of our favorite things, DONUTS!!! over this time, we have asked that the cravings come and this was a really tough week with desiring sweets and fried food. The good thing about that is our minds went to God. As we enjoy sweets and fried food, we pray that our lives will keep turning toward God with each bite. we pray that we will remember what God taught us through this amazing experience. As we were reminded of Peter today as he fished with the other apostles and was given another chance, so am i reminded of all the chances my Lord has given me. The fast is over but our journey continues, enjoying life in Christ.

us: easter morning all dressed up and just came from church!


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  1. Your brother taught us Christ is Risen at the 2010 Rock Fall Retreat! :) One of my faves.

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