april 7

rachel: my photo for the day represents ingenuity. sometimes i have it, and other days it escapes me. but, we went to the riverwalk park today in naperville and forgot some bread to feed the birds/ducks. well, we happened upon half a cupcake. since i don’t know what person left it there/touched it last (better to be safe than sorry, plus we just watched contagion), i used two sticks to move the cupcake and then piece it out to toss into the river. score for me.

this is me telling matt the stick broke and what my plan was

matt: as we were leaving the park, we came across this old couple that was taking a leisurely stroll. this reminded me of several things. one is that i look forward to walks with my wife as we grow older to soak in the beauty of our Lord’s creation. two, today marks the end of our fast and as the road twists and turns in our own lives, we hope and pray to apply what our God has taught us. these 46 days have been an amazing journey and we will continue to walk along the path God has given us, seeking His will not ours.

The long and winding road


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