april 6

rachel: my photo from the day is ikea! we had been making a mental list of things to purchase, including some frames for the wedding photos we printed and were able to go! we decided to try to get there early, arriving around 10:30 to avoid major crowds, and because we thought that there might be some traffic with people off of work. thankfully, we came out with what we had gone in for, and only emerged with 2 things we hadn’t planned on purchasing. score for the bank account! overall, a very productive day and a lot of fun at ikea!

matt: my photo for the day is that of Han and Leia. The reason is we have been wanting to watch the original Star Wars for a while and it just happened to work out that we DVR’d it from a recent showing on TV. after a long day of shopping and dealing with traffic, it was nice to sit down and watch one of our favorite movies. it had been a while since we both saw it but what a treat. plus, most of all han and leia always find a way to get in our photos.

just like us, sitting on the couch watching the movie

us: we spiced it up today…this is us outside our apartment coming home after good friday service.


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