april 5

rachel: today i finished all our major shopping for easter! we had been trying to find a turkey (because we would both skip out on the ham), and hadn’t had any luck until today! i didn’t think i would be going to the store today, but found a couple one-day sales and was able to hit them up! our easter menu: turkey, dressing, potato salad, and romaine salad! such success with meijer and their savings, that is my picture for the day!

matt: my picture for today is mainly of the word “Presence”. Today was a day of just being in the presence of God. wanting Him more than anything, depending on Him for all i need and seeking Him. today, in the midst of a long week, God reminded me of what these next few days are about.

let go and give in to God

us: yes, han and leia are still with us!








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