chicago bulls

so, what is a good gift to give your husband? the man i’m married to has a lot of things already, and he was thankfully hinting around for some things he might be interested in having (i kept a list), but i also wanted to do something different…something that would be an experience as well as receiving a couple gifts that he had been hinting for.

and then enters a wonderful idea into my brain! matt loves sports! we should go to some sort of game if i can even find tickets…and that pretty much began my hunt to find tickets to either a bulls, blackhawks or a cubs game (obviously post-birthday for the cubs). i had this idea sometime maybe mid-february and kept thinking that it would be so perfect to try to find tickets to either one. well, when i first started looking i had a terrible time. i couldn’t find decently priced tickets for the bulls or blackhawks and i couldn’t find any single-game tickets for cubs games. but, thank you matt and stubhub! i casually mentioned the idea of going to game sometime but didn’t mention when to matt and told him of my troubles. he suggested we look on stubhub to see if we could find reasonably priced tickets.


so, as i continued checking back on stubhub, i found tickets that seemed good, were decently priced, and they were on matt’s birthday (!). how perfect! i already had a few things to give to him, but this could be super fun! plus, i had never been to an nba game before, so by going we were 1. seeing one of matt’s favorite bball teams ever, 2. going to a chicago team’s game, and 3. i was going to my first nba game. this was mainly about matt’s love for the chicago bulls though…after all, it was his birthday!so, here are a couple pictures that we took…sorry they are weird/grainy…we may try to fix that soon!

overall, it was a really fun game! we ended up driving in chicago (read, matt drove, i navigated), which was a huge success. matt was such a champ with those crazy drivers! watched and enjoyed the game. the bulls won, even without d. rose, who has been out for 9ish games now…and drove home for some much needed dinner (sonic coney dogs!).

happy birthday (late) my love! hope you enjoyed the game!

boo-yah! bulls win!

matt & rachel


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