duck hunt

have you seen this show called duck dynasty?

it could potentially change your life, or at least it could give you something to laugh at. we’ve become quick fans of this show. how often does one enjoy the woes and wonders, the ups and downs of a multi-million dollar family in lousiana who have made their fortune from producing duck calls? i think not often. the premise of this reality show is to follow the robertson family as their company grows, as they interact with each other, and to watch the challenges one faces when “working with kin”.

my two favorite characters of the show have to be phil and si. phil is the patriarch, and founder /inventor of the duck calls that has made this family famous. he feels that the most important thing about women is 1) that they carry a Bible and 2) that they are good cooks. he hates beaver dams and will leave work (usually with si) to go hunting or fishing. he makes his grandchildren do physical labor because he feels they need to understand the importance of hard work. solid dude.

si is phil’s brother, and he is hilarious. he isn’t featured often on the show, but when he is, he’s a star. during the second episode, he well believed that he could drive an 18-wheeler. he couldn’t. he also has no sense of direction and often goes along with whatever (usually) silly ideas the younger ones have come up with. he works in the shop, but i have yet to see him actually put a duck call together. very entertaining.

the first time we watched this, i repeatedly had to say “these are real people?!” yes, self, they are.  a whole different way of life that i couldn’t even imagine must exist in the bayous of lousiana. i’m just glad a & e has decided to capture this for my viewing (and eye-opening) pleasure. also, we casually refer to this show as “duck hunt”, sorry a&e, you should have thought of something more memorable.

check out the website and enjoy the robertson family!

thanks for the new show, a&e!

matt & rachel


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