march madness. basketball. brackets. winning. losing.

matt gets to hear things like:

“but you’re not letting me win”


“i would rather tie with you than lose”


“i don’t feel like being a good sport right now”


“i guess i’m not a very good picker”


“c’mon dudes, make some points!”

the drama that unfolds in our household is very intense. up one minute, then crushed the next. like every sport i watch, i’m pretty half-hearted about the results in the end, but in the moment, it is life or death and becomes an all-consuming passion.

i don’t know why this is, it is kind of like a cat playing with yarn. when the yarn is in front of the cat, it goes nuts. but if it is taken away, the cat is just its normal self. that’s me watching sports. matt is more like a cat who has the yarn in front of him all the time and goes back to check on it. this isn’t the best analogy, but it is what i was able to come up with while i was writing this.

i guess i’m like a cat,


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