an open letter

we’re back to another sports post. who am i? i’m writing about sports too much the past few days. i didn’t think i would be that kind of person…i guess being married to a man who has a sincere love for sports has changed me.

anyways, back to the important stuff….

peyton manning is going to the broncos. and i couldn’t be more mad. i have two very well thought out reasons why this is upsetting. please read in my letter to him…

an open letter to peyton manning,

you, sir, have proved your selfishness. after your “tearful” separation from the indianapolis, it would seem that you desire more glory and more opportunity for yourself and your legacy despite your age and previous accomplishments.

i am of the opinion that your move to denver is only driven by your desire for more glory, money, and self-proclamation. these are things most people in your industry desire, but in a vein similar to one, mr. favre, you have decided to bully your way to show your superiority to the younger generation of those in similar occupations.

in a decision to further your accomplishments, you drive out the development for others to gain valuable experience on the field. in effect, you stomp on the younger generation of players. what might you have done, if, at the beginning of your career an older player decided to come in and take your place? that is essentially the condescending attitude and action you have taken.

shame on you, mr. manning. instead of comfortably living your life, you desire your own fame, glory, money, and trophies over allowing younger players development, maturity, and similar opportunities for achieving their dreams.

disappointed, but respectfully yours,

rachel taylor


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