trains, reprise

you may well have noticed that it has been a few days since we last posted. many apologies. as we become more busy here, it is harder to find time to write. and then we enjoy reading our posts to each other before we actually publish them. sometimes, this process takes a while, but we still hope you enjoy reading, even though we are currently posting rather infrequently.

ahem, back to the reason we’re posting. remember the post about the trains? for some reason, we still seem to be having the worst luck with this. it’s like every train in Illinois read the post and decided to get back at us out of spite. case in point: we run into a train almost (75% of the time) we drive. isn’t that dumb? no, these are not scientific statistics, although they aren’t much exaggerated. I may start needing to keep statistics to be factual.

we can’t get away from them. and as such, and I’m sorry to say this trains, if you’re reading, but we have decided that an important component on where we decide to live next will be the absence of a train. it’s not so bad since there isn’t a train horn that would wake us up or alarm us every time it passes. its more the frequency in which the train comes through that we cannot escape. there are limited alternate routes we can take based on where we are at when the train comes, which is also inconvenient because they can’t be avoided.

enough ranting about the trains, but we’re really beginning to understand what it means to be late to something due to having to wait on a train.

thanks Illinois railroad,

matt & rachel


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