She’s got the fever!

So I just found out that my wife has gone mad. I can honestly say I never saw this coming. It has been an extremely shocking last few days. Officially, it is called Marzo Pazzia (for all my Italiano friends) or March Madness. (Thankfully, she is not really sick)

In a shocking turn of events, Rachel has become obsessed with March Madness. Every few minutes during the day she will send me updates on the scores. As she wrote, the emotions and ups and downs of the tournament are evident in her texts. From the joy of an exceptionally well thought out pick to the utter disdain for a team losing that she thought would win, it has been more entertaining for me to see her get intertwined in this time of the year.

This has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I love March madness and to watch Cinderella stories play out and root against the big, bad juggernauts who inevitably win. The first few days are absolutely my favorite. Last night, I told Rachel about the stat that Thursday and Friday are the least productive days of the year in the workplace because of the start of the tourney.

It has been really interesting to watch her progression with sports. During football, she would watch some but it was mainly her nap time. Maybe because there is a competition between the two of us for the madness, but she is really getting into it. She is constantly on ESPN watching the game updates. So engrossed in outcomes and how a team is playing.

During the regular season, we would occasionally watch college basketball if Mizzou was playing, but for the most part, we didn’t watch it. But over Thursday and Friday, she is sending me scoring updates on almost every game. I have no idea who this person is that is putting so much emotion in all of these games. Funny enough, a big part of our conversation on Thursday was about the tournament. At first it consisted of her walking around so proud of herself for picking so many games right. It was really comical to see her walking around like she just won the school science fair with her huge smile and teasing spirit (or think of a dog that just got a bird. Carrying it in its mouth, with its chest out and strutting around like it just did the most amazing thing). But within a few hours as the games finished, she got dejected and the world was about to end.

I probably never saw this coming when we first got married. I didn’t imagine us sitting around the TV watching the VCU/Wichita State game. With her picking WS and me picking VCU, both of us cheering on “our teams for that moment”, my beautiful wife yelling at Wichita State to play better and finally agonizing over the final score. I tried to explain to her some of the theories behind picking teams, not that I am any good at it at all but have watched enough sports to know, she began to ask why I didn’t tell her this before.

Overall, I love my wife more than anything and to see her get caught up in March madness has been something so unexpected yet so fun to watch. Even to the point of rooting on random teams and watching games neither of us care too much about if it was a regular season game.

Side note: I greatly admire Rachel’s undying support for her beloved Mizzou and I hope they do well and win it all.


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