college hoops

amir: hey uh, can i talk to you for a second

jake: what’s up?

amir: i just got back from the doctor, and he said i was very sick actually

jake: what’s wrong?

amir: yeah, he thinks i might have march maaaaadness!……fever……..and pneumonia

from 3/15: this march (madness), i thought it might be fun to have a bracket challenge between matt and i. just fun to have and put on the fridge, plus we all know how much i pay attention to sports, so it could potentially be very entertaining.

sometime last year, maybe in september or something i asked matt to tell me what it meant to be a “seed” and how that was determined, etc. you know, the finer points of understanding sports well. thankfully he explained it and i learned a lot on that day. fortunately i remembered this lesson and carried it with me while i filled out my bracket.

however, last night when we were starting them, i did first say “so, how does this work?” matt followed with a loud sigh. i had to reassure him that i knew how to fill out a bracket, and what it meant, but how we were going to score and things. it was actually a very funny moment.

i, of course, as any respectable tiger would, have mizzou going all the way. i have a lot of hope for this, and honestly i think we can do it. matt on the other hand, does not believe, he’s saying kentucky takes it. we’ll just have to see about that!

following espn diligently,

matt & rachel

update on 3/16: we’re currently even in our picks, although we’re both upset that unlv lost last night. ::(


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