birthday treats

yum!one of my favorite things to do is brag about my husband. i know that not everyone wants to hear or read about that, but i have to say, that i am so thankful for this man and so thankful for this marriage.

bacon wrapped dates

yesterday was my birthday, and my love came home with several grocery bags. the first of which i could seek peeking out was some tulips! i received some beautiful red and yellow tulips that he even arranged himself in one of the vases we received for our wedding! they are so beautiful and so fragrant, and receiving flowers is pretty much one of my favorite things ever.

quince, watercress, and manchego

to celebrate for dinner, matt made a wonderful spanish meal, complete with homemade sangria! i got to be a part of the cooking (i think i’ve mentioned before how we enjoy cooking together) which was so fun!

our dinner included:

dates, filled with manchego cheese and wrapped in bacon

quince rolled in chopped almonds with watercress and manchego cheese

pear and gorgonzola salad with a homemade vinaigrette and carmelized walnuts

pear, gorgonzola salad

blue cheese and onion sauce with ribeye steak


sangria with orange, raspberries, pear and apple

everything was beyond wonderful! matt did such a great job of thinking of everything and planning it all out to be a really special meal. knowing full well that i love cheeses, he included that in so many ways so that i could have some of my favorite foods. also, he did a great job of substituting the fruit in our sangria as a type of dessert since we’re still not eating sweets. it was so thoughtful and sweet, and such a wonderful birthday.

thankful for my husband and celebrating another year of life,


our birthday feast

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