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i know last week i said i would try to get my next recipe up, and i failed miserably. the truth is, when i wrote that we were about to go out of town and i didn’t realize that my next recipe would take 2 days to make. plus, i wanted to be able to eat and enjoy the next recipe with matt, so i decided to wait.

here it is though: bagels!

have you ever made them?  this was my first time, but i feel that they were rather a success. i used my peter reinhart cookbook yet again (what a great wedding gift!) for the recipe.

yesterday i made the dough, with all of the 5 ingredients it required. i tried to time the dough so that after it had risen the appropriate amount that matt could help me shape and form the bagels. i love when we get to do things like that together, so even though it probably wasn’t the first thing he wanted to do when he got home, he was such a sport! after we shaped the bagels, they had to proof overnight in the refrigerator.

today, i made my poaching liquid, which was boiling water, baking soda, salt, and honey. this made kind of a malty sort of liquid that i put the bagels into as sort of a “first cook”. once all my bagels were poached, i put them into the oven for a good 20 minutes to bake.

let me tell you, to be honest, i was really worried about trying to make another bread recipe. my last attempt failed miserably, so i was a little nervous. but, thankfully, they turned out yummy…this is even one of those recipes i would make frequently they were so good!

next time i want to attempt putting something in them…maybe make blueberry, or a cinnamon sugar crumble for the top. i’m not sure yet, but i want to experiment and make them better.


matt & rachel



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  1. Ohh these look wonderful!

  2. thanks brittany! they were super easy, hope you get to try them!

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