from 3/15: its the ides of march, which doesn’t only indicate when caesar died, but indicates my day of birth!

i am two and half decades old. or a quarter of a century old, depending on how you’d like to view it.and there are so many things to be thankful about for the 25 years of life that the Lord has blessed me with. i am also thankful for this day and being able to reflect on so much that the Lord has done.

we are in the middle of our 1000 thanks for this month. and it has been such a wonderful thing to look back and even on some days to try to list out 33 thank yous to our God. halfway through i can see how the Lord is cultivating a heart of thanks in me. there are so many things are us that the Lord blesses us with or allows to come our way that i forget or don’t recognize.

some of my favorite things on my list (in no particular order): being empowered by the Lord’s strength, ice cream, sharing life with people, my husband, journaling, sunshine, modern medicine, experiencing new things, 25 years of life, learning from matt, wendy’s coupons, and prayer.

learning to be thankful,

matt & rachel


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