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i’m still a little behind on my recipe challenge for this year…we’re in the 11th week this week, so i’m slowly but surely getting caught up. and hopefully, maybe saturday or so, i will have made by 11th recipe!

recipe #10: spanish rice bake, came from pinterest, but was originally pinned from allrecipes.com. here is the recipe if you’d like to try it. i originally saw it and thought it might be something good and different to try…it is more of a casserole kind of dish, which i don’t make very often, but sometimes it is nice to have an all-in-one kind of dinner.

this dish was actually very easy to make, and there was about 40 minutes of downtime while everything was cooking. the only thing i would say was somewhat challenging about this was that after the meat is cooked, everything goes into the pot. so, you have to be prepared for everything to go in, or you end up looking like me, not being able to finish sentences and running around the kitchen trying to make sure everything (in the right amount) was put into the pot.

upon first looking at the recipe, i felt that it really wouldn’t be spicy enough for us. i had also read some of the reviews of the recipe to find out that several people had added in salsa and/or hot sauce for part of it. i decided that’s what we were going to do too. for a little zing, we ended up using rick bayless’ frontera spicy hot sauce and frontera salsa. to top everything off, we added some sour cream, more hot sauce, cilantro, and we decided to eat it with (baked) tortilla chips for some texture.

we were slightly disappointed it didn’t have more of a “mexican food” kind of taste, but i’m wondering if we maybe added some pinto beans, or maybe just used salsa instead of straight diced tomatoes if that would amp it up on the flavor. also, eating it with tortilla chips was a must just because otherwise it was all one texture.

if you’re needing something quick and simple, give this a try. i had most everything already on hand, which made it easy to plan for, and to make.


matt & rachel

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