our first pint glasses from illinois – 2 brothers review

so when it comes down to it, i suppose our blog looks like we love Jesus and beer. that’s mostly true. we love a few other things as well, but both bring people together. Jesus more so than beer.

we wanted to write a review on the two brothers brewery that we visited a few weeks ago. yes, this post has been long forthcoming, but better late than never, right? i guess as we’ve been writing about milwaukee we were reminded that we had yet to post on the brewery so near our own home!

on a snowy saturday afternoon, what’s better than visiting your local brewery…so the two brothers brewery is only about 5 miles from our house, just north of 88 off of our old friend, butterfield road. we found it without any hassels, although wouldn’t you know, there is no signage for it! we went to the restaurant, found out where our tour would start, grabbed a beer before heading on the tour, and then learned a lot about what it takes to brew their beers and the history of the company. the tour was super informative and a good 45 minutes long. best part: free!

so, part of ending the tour was to receive three samples each of the beer they have. unfortunately, the restaurant was full by the time our tour finished. we had already decided we wanted to try their food and would come back later that day for dinner, so we asked the tour guide (aka manager of the restaurant) if we could just bring our tickets back with us later. win. that was so great.

we returned for dinner about 6 hours later for our food and sampled our beers. follow the link to learn more about the brewery and the beers they have. we tried i think 5 different beers between us, and only one was a seasonal. all except for one we really liked, but let me give you a hint that the cane and ebel (irish red) was by far my favorite (what is becoming of me if i’m liking reds all the time now?)

also, while they didn’t have pint glasses included as a part of the tour, we were able to purchase two from the gift shop area.

the interesting thing about two brothers is they originally had a store that sold information and supplies about wine-making to being with, and then they slowly changed over to home-brewing equipment. both of these things are still sold in the gift shop, along with other two brothers memorabilia.

whenever we have visitors to the area, and if they enjoy breweries and learning about the brewing process/tasting, we will have to take them here. it was for sure worth it, the tour, beer, and food were all a success!

fans of two brothers,

matt & rachel


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