milwaukee, day 3

our third (and final) day in milwaukee started out very similarly to the second. we decided to save some money by taking our breakfasts with us and just eat in our hotel. since our first tour didn’t start until 12, we were able to lounge around for awhile, spend time in the Word and praying together, and were able to take our time getting ready (mainly that one is for me).

the noon tour was about 10 miles away, so we decided to leave a little earlier to check out of the hotel and find our way to where we were supposed to be. originally we thought we might find a place to eat on the way up to the brewery, but there wasn’t much to be found, so we toughed it out until our tour was over and we could make it back to the central part of the city.

sprecher brewery was our third brewery for our trip. we had heard good things about the brewery, and were excited that they also made different flavors of sodas and apparently they were known for their root beer.

the story goes that as a member of the military, mr. sprecher lived in germany for a number of years. while in germany, he grew to love the european style of beers and upon his return to the states, could not find similar styles and tastes of beer here. so, he started his own brewery, designed to specifically address this. he noticed that often people would bring their children on tours and from there decided to start making root beer for the kids to enjoy while on the tour as well. this expanded into the brewery making sodas as well.

the tour at sprecher was honestly, also a little rough. with a group of about 35 people, about 15 of them were kids under the age of 10. this wouldn’t have been so bad, except for they were not behaved well and were constantly running around underfoot. our tour guide was informative, but kind of like a drone and it seemed like he wasn’t passionate about his work. it was either that, or he was seriously annoyed with the kids.

after the tour we were given our tasting glasses, and four samples of beers to try and also unlimited samples of the available sodas. we tried several and only ended up liking about half of what we tried. everything was good, but for some reason it was really hard to drink the whole sample glass. coupled with the fact that we were hungry, and ready to be away from the slew of children, we hurried along in our tastings and dumped about half of our samples.

sprecher brewery in general was probably my 2nd favorite tour. while the people in the tour were slightly annoying, it was very informative and we did have a good time.

after we finished our samples at sprecher, we headed back to the downtown area to find a place to park and eat. matt had looked up a place called the milwaukee brat house, so we decided to park the car near the next tour (pabst), and walk a few blocks to the brat house.

here, we had the best brat lunch i’ve ever had. both were served on a potato bun, matt’s was topped with sauerkraut,and onions; mine had blue cheese, bacon and tomatoes. both were delicious! since we are still in the midst of lent, we didn’t get fries, but had some potato salad that was very yummy! delicious meal!

pam and james, look at what we found in the pabst gift shop! they had vintage uniforms with names on them and we had to take a picture of this one for you guys!

after we finished our meal, we headed back up to pabst to where our tour would start. we didn’t know very much about the history of pabst, and actually it is kind of a sad story, but we did learn a lot, and got to see quite a bit of one of the main buildings. did you know at the height of production, there were 28 buildings on the pabst campus? only 14 survive today, most of which are currently in the beginnings of being renovated for shopping, hotels and lofts to bring life back to that area of the city. since miller brews everything for pabst, we didn’t see any of the production, however we did get to hear about the history of the company, the buildings, and see some plans for renovations. the most exciting is one that is scheduled to be complete in december, which i’m really hoping we can check out.

the pabst campus area is kind of in a western part of the downtown area of milwaukee, and was extremely deserted. i’m sure it would have been even more so if the shrine circus and a minor-league hockey game weren’t happening as well. i’m excited to see the transformation in that area though, it could really turn into a nice area of the city after some improvements.

after our time at pabst, we decided to drive around the city for a bit, checking out some of the buildings and taking photos of things we had seen while walking. we saw quite a number of older churches and buildings, but hadn’t had the camera with us at the time, so we took about 30 minutes to drive around the city so we could get some good photos in.

below are a couple of our favorite shots of our time driving around the city!

after driving around, we headed home for some rest before another busy week began!

brewery weekend complete,

matt & rachel


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