milwaukee, day 2

it is always a great start to the day when i get to spend it with a yummy peanut butter bagel, coffee, my husband, prayer, and time with the Lord. isn’t that the best thing ever? we are, of course, in the midst of our season of lent, and since we dedicated to spend time together with God, we decided to start our day with time in the Word together, which is one of my favorite things.

after our refreshing start, we decided to get ready and head out to find some lunch. still walking everywhere, we found out that the distillery and second brewery were also a little over a mile from our hotel and we made the trek over to virginia ave. hoping to find a place for lunch along the way. 

cool bridge that we had to cross, and also, look at what we found! can you read the words on the side of that building?

well, we did find lunch! a dive called conejito’s restaurant, where we paid $10 total for a full meal. it was actually the only place we happened upon while we were on our way to the distillery and it was also just across a traffic circle from the distillery, so we tried it!

the distillery is called great lakes distillery, and it was actually a very good tour. the tour guide was very informative about the process of distilling, and very knowledgeable about the market and climate of distilleries in the united states. our tour was also only 8 people with us included so it wasn’t stuffy or a ton of people in a small space, which is always a good thing!

we were also able to have samples of the different spirits that are made at the distillery.  the unfortunate thing for me though is that i don’t really like spirits, and they didn’t have the things that matt does like available. so, short of kind of enjoying the gin, all the rest of it was blech to me. below is a picture of the still that is used for all of the products that great lakes makes.

the magic of distilling--it all happens in that!

after our tour and tasting at the distillery, we decided to head over to the next scheduled tour to see if we could change our tour time. we weren’t sure how long each tour would take, so we allotted time between each place to be sure that we could find it and park if needed. well, the distillery tour ended a lot sooner than we had planned, and thankfully, we were able to change our tour time. we got into the milwaukee brewing co. brewery, got registered and were handed a token to go grab a free beer on the brewery at a few local bars. one of the bars was down the street about a half block, so since we had time to kill, we walked down  to use our token.

below are a couple pictures of the beers we had–pull chain and louie’s demise. both were unfortunate in taste. being too hoppy and just in general very “one-note”.

we like to experience our beers, really taste the flavors, the amount of hops, or malts, or some special zing the brewmaster gives to it. and usually, you can taste those things. overall, i’d say that these two were good examples of just not good beer. i’m also throwing in a picture of my handsome husband though. i think he’s drinking monkey pull or something and i’m drinking love shock.

after we finished a milwaukee brewing, we made our trek back to our hotel, fresh with our pint glasses. yes! we love when we can get pint glasses with the tour (the one pictured is the one we got to take home). after arriving at the hotel, we both fell immediately asleep. between walking and beer tasting, there was no hope for us to stay up.

we woke from our nap and decided to hit up a place i had found online listed as an irish restaurant, bar, and inn (side note: there are irish bars everywhere up here). this one was well known, so we made another .8 mile walk.

ok, so at this point, let me interject something. you may be asking yourself why did we walk so dang much? i know i already said a little bit about it before, but let me emphasize, that you have to pay at least $5 to park anywhere. so that’s anytime you go out, you have to pay. we decided to save ourselves the money, and also aid in the digestion process by walking to and from everywhere.

we get to country clare inn, and immediately decide to go with one of their specialty taps. matt had the blacksmith (guinness and smithwicks) and i had a diesel (harp and strongbow with currant juice). both were delicious and wonderfully irish. here is a picture of our meals.matt had the shepherd’s pie on the right and i had pot roast with a guinness gravy, potatoes and peas and carrots. both were so good, so filling, and we felt so full afterwards (see how that walk home came in handy?). i think we both agree that our whole evening on day 2 was probably our favorite, we were able to walk around the city, see a lot of really beautiful buildings, get some exercise, have wonderful food and drinks, and then return home. this was a great end to our day!

still exploring,

matt & rachel


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