Thank You Challenge

So in our year full of self-imposed challenges (not counting the normal challenges that occur throughout this life), March is the start of our second challenge. During the month of March in addition to our on-going fast we have decided to have 31 days of thanks. We have both heard of this idea before at random times but the point of this challenge is to create in us a heart of thanksgiving and gratitude. So here is the challenge: have 1000 thank you’s by the end of the month. I know that sounds like a lot and it is but that is the point, to see all the things around us that God does for us. Hopefully, this will help us see some of the things we have been missing which in all honesty is quite a lot. We miss so many of God’s beautiful treasures each day and we want to be able to capture those. A benefit could even be being more positive or hopeful on those tough days and remembering God’s goodness.

There are several rules to this challenge. One of the rules or guidelines is that it must be done daily that way each day we see the blessings of the Lord. So, how do we get to a 1000 thank you’s in 31 days? Well…because 3 doesn’t like 10 in an equal way, we have to do around 33 thank you’s each day. (the actual number is 32.258 but we have no idea how to do a little more than a quarter of a thank you). The biggest stipulation in all of this is that none of the thank you’s can repeat. Meaning once I write “Thank you God for Jesus.” I can’t say that again. I can go deeper and say “Thank you Jesus for your teaching”…”Thank you for your example”…”Thank you for your love” and so on. These are all high level things and throughout the day something may happen were we can say “Thank you for exposing my sin in how I related to X” or “thank you for giving me grace to deal with that driver”. As we get down lower and lower, our hope is to be able to see as many of the small things that God does for us each day and we miss or forget. Some may even be the silly things in life that happen.

Something that we decided to do is to do this challenge separately and also discuss a few of them at night. It is always nice to hears thanks or praises for what God did throughout the day. So in this month of birthdays, a wedding and sacrifices, it sounds like a perfect month to give thanks. So this month we celebrate Thanksgiving in a sort and we hope to feast on the word of God and His goodness.

Challenging and growing,

Matt & Rachel


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