milwaukee, day 1


earlier in february, we decided that we wanted to go to milwaukee on a little trip. this was, of course all before we knew that we would already be in wisconsin for two weeks for matt’s work. wisconsin loves us, essentially….of the 29 days in february, we were there for half of them.

so our milwaukee trip was born in early february. and yes, we also knew that there were a number of breweries there. so, we decided to make this our brewery trip. we also decided to make this the start of a beer journal for us. we are now recording beers that we’ve had and enjoyed, while also rating them. i hope this will help me to remember what i truly like and don’t like.

we were able to leave home a little earlier than we planned, but we took full advantage of that! i made us some sandwiches for dinner, packed some snacks and we took the trip up. it is a quick 2 hours up, and we got there around 6 to check into our hotel and eat our dinner.

the first brewery tour we went to was lakefront brewery. it was a little over a mile from our hotel, and since we didn’t know about parking and having to pay to park EVERYWHERE, we decided to walk. we got there only to find out it is where a lot of younger twenties people go. that in itself was disappointing. we figured out our procedure for getting on the tour, which involved being in too small of a room to function to wait for the tour to begin. we hung our coats, got the first sample (2nd favorite of the lakefront options) and then the tour began. honestly the tour wasn’t that good. the tour guide spoke really fast to what he deemed to be the “boring” parts and spoke more about drinking than the actual making of the beer or the styles. granted, he was for sure speaking to his audience, we found it slightly frustrating.

halfway through the tour we were able to have our second sample (3rd favorite sample), which was a bock. matt and i both had it, and it was pretty good. very filling. our tour continued on in much the same way it started, but finally ended and we were able to have two other samples of the lakefront beers. the third sample was called local acre, made entirely of wisconsin products, and it was my least favorite of the night, but it was still very good. the last beer took the cake though,  it was smooth, malty, and i’m sad i wasn’t able to fully drink and enjoy it (they were kicking people out of the tasting room about 20 minutes after the tour ended). bonus: pint glass!

all in all, i would say the samples and the quality of the beer made up for the individuals on the tour and the tour guide. ultimately, i feel that we would return to lakefront on our next visit to milwaukee, however we might not tour, we might just enjoy the restaurant and our favorites.


lakefront – this definitely had some of the best beer we tasted over the weekend, maybe even the best beer since we moved up here. As Rachel mentioned, the first impression we both had was “uh oh! This doesn’t look like it will be fun.” There were way too many college kids and of the adults there, they were way too obnoxious. I guess we are a bit of beer snobs but being in a noisy room dealing with our own Closter phobia of too many people in a tight space. It is almost like one of those clown cars from the circus where the clowns keep coming out. Just getting a beer when we arrived was ten times harder than the drive to Milwaukee. Like Rachel said, the tour guide was not very good and was more crude than informative. The beer was very good and made up for the over-crowding, bad tour guide, kids looking to get drunk and then them closing up shop early so that we couldn’t enjoy our beers, but it was very close. Lakefront is definitely a beer to try. They also support the local farmers and use cups that will leave no waste. It is a crazy cool thing. The cup ends up getting eaten away by worms after 120 days, so there is no waste. But great job in supporting the community, we are always fans of that. (For Brewers fans, they have the old Brewers stein that the mascot would jump in at baseball games, it was pretty cool).

explorers of wisconsin,

matt & rachel


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