the same day we completed all of our hangings in the kitchen and living room, we also worked on a headboard.

we had received this and two other plates as a wedding gift, and at the time we registered, i thought they could be a really cute addition to hang in a kitchen.

but, pinterest strikes again and i found several cute ideas using plates as a headboard. this also helps to put some things on the walls in our bedroom. so, staying with the theme of blues, greens, and greys, we found at varying times several other plates from crate & barrel outlet that could work together to make a “headboard”. once we got a few plates gathered, we started thinking about how we would want to arrange them. we had all of the 8 round plates and had decided on a scheme of sorts, we just needed a center plate.

on our hunt to find a center plate (found at c&b outlet, bought using wedding giftcard money), we also got all the plate hangers we would need. a simple nail into the drywall, snapping the hanger over the plate, and placing it on the wall and our project was complete. we decided not to measure distances between the plates, simply because we didn’t feel it was entirely necessary/noticeable. this project was complete in about 20 minutes!

i loved this project, we really got to use some creativity as far as finding and arranging the plates, as well as looking for different textures and colors.

the final product

sleeping under the plates,

matt & rachel


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  1. Love it!

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