review of racine

things learned from racine: 1) drivers here are also unaware that red means do not enter the intersection and 2) they have weird accents here.

we made racine, wi our home since last monday when we could check into the hotel. matt was working on a project up here at the plant, and being “gainfully unemployed” as matt’s boss refers to me, we decided rather than matt make the 90 mile trip twice a day, that we would both stay in racine. courtesy of the company, our hotel room and matt’s meals are free, so we are basically just paying for my food. win!

so, we made it 7 whole days in this town before returning to aurora yesterday evening. it is quite an interesting place. it reminds me so much of the town i grew up in (raytown), and although racine is probably twice as big, it has the same general feeling of being 20 years behind the times. the people here seem nice-ish. it’s like they are kind of nice, but they aren’t going to go out of their way to be especially nice or friendly to you (or anyone). i find this very strange…don’t we all think  of a country-homey kind of place when it’s a smaller town? yeah, it’s not really like that unless you go to the restaurant called the golden key (see racine restaurant reviews).

my days consisted mainly of a lot of reading, some crafting, job hunting, and the occasional puzzle (usually from the usa today we receive from the hotel) so i “feel like I’m keeping an active mind”.  i usually sit in barnes and noble for at least 3 hours every day. it’s just a habit, but i’m actually really enjoying this time. in my younger years, i loved to read; i would read anything i could get my hands on, so it is kind of nice to go back to that and be able to enjoy reading new things.

other observations: the white women here are extremely loud, the accent here is hard to imitate, but we hope with more exposure and practice that we would be able to perfect it, there are a lot of strange people who come regularly to this barnes & noble (does that make me one?), i prefer b&n to starbucks, because starbucks people glare at you a little bit if you act like you’re going to be settling in for awhile (i bought your product, what are you complaining for?).

i think we knew being in racine would be tough, but at the same time, i feel like we are both made the absolute best of it we could. although racine isn’t too bad, i’m really glad we live where we live, and i’m glad for our little apartment and to be able to cook in it, and have it be ours.

glad to visit racine, but happy to be home,

matt & rachel


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