racine restaurant reviews

monday (2/13): jose’s blue sombrero. i looked up some reviews of restaurants in the area and found this gem. matt and i usually like original/local/not-chain restaurants, so we wanted to find something other than red lobster. jose’s blue sombrero had some great reviews, and we were craving mexican food, so we tried it out. it was actually really delicious, and we were surprised! i had a cheese enchilada, and pork tamale with rice and beans. matt had a shredded beef chimichanga, cheese enchilada, and chicken chalupa. overall, we really enjoyed it. and, it made for really great leftovers. we had brought up corn chips and cheese to eat with queso for a night snack if we wanted, so i was able to have some leftovers the next day. the food, services, and atmosphere of jose’s was great—they were very attentive and friendly. i especially appreciate the pun of our server to “take our time deciding, because he’ll be here until 10pm”.

tuesday (2/14): san francisco café. again, we were hunting around for top rated restaurants in the area, not wanting to spend an insane amount of money, and were unsure of the need for reservations (since we had none and it was valentine’s day). well, all the lovers at san francisco café were in their 50s or older. upon entering, it immediately felt like a local applebees, and  i would say the major setback of going to sfc was the first impression. we waited at least 5 minutes before it was acknowledged that we walked in the door. the hostess (also owner) “didn’t see” us from the dining area where she was setting up tables and talking to other guests. i understand that time can escape you when you are doing such things, but a quick glance to the front of the restaurant once every 30 seconds wouldn’t hurt. so, we kind of had skewed feelings about the establishment already. we ordered the “dinner for two”, which came complete with salads, a pizza, and an entrée, plus a non-alcoholic drink or coffee. the food was just so-so honestly. and, we were disappointed that we ordered bread and it never came, nor were we offered the “non-alcoholic drink or coffee” that was included in the price of the meal. it seemed that the waitstaff was nice, but incredibly slow upon making requests for more water or parmasean cheese. it was ok, but i think that we don’t feel the need to return.

wednesday (2/15): o&h bakery/olive garden. you remember how i wrote that we try to find “non-chains”…for wednesday, that is o&h bakery. we went to o&h bakery because we had read in the magazine real racine to try the famous kringle, which is a danish pastery. danish people are a big deal up here, so are their pasteries. thankfully there is a bakery just across the freeway from our hotel, so we visited on our way home from work. honestly, i’ve got to say this was a good pastery…we had the apple sugar kringle, but its not really anything to be proud of (i’m talking to you, danish people). if i had sprinkled some sugar on a mcdonald’s apple pie, it would taste the same. now, don’t get me wrong, i really like mcdonald’s apple pies, but i fail to see and understand the wonder that is a kringle. olive garden was by far the best meal we had in racine (that speaks to the calibur of the available restuarants). we were trying to decide where to go, and we had mentioned being hungry for og a couple weeks before, but i just really wanted to go since it was a place that was familiar. we went, enjoyed the ravioli de portobello and ziti bake with meatballs, some wine, and even splurged on dessert! you can always count on the og!

thursday (2/16): golden key/yardarm. i had already eaten lunch (re: og), and picked matt up so he could ask eat something. we drove by this place called the golden key. and golden, it was…more like an episode of golden girls, but about men (it could be golden guys…walter mathieu would for sure have to be in this if it were real).  think of a perkins when i’m explaining this: the servers were friendly, the atmosphere homey, the ice cream was good, the salad had anchovies in it, and matt’s meal wasn’t bad. despite the rest of the patronage being twice our age, it was a quaint/homestyle/cute little place. yardarm-seems like a strange name for a restaurant, huh? we found this restaurant in downtown racine, it was cute, quaint, and a small place, but they don’t mess around with the fried food. i had an appetizer sampler that had walleye fingers, tempura green beans and the “famous” sand dollars. yes, all fried, and all very good. matt had the walleye dinner that came with sand dollars and a pasta salad. it was a great place, and we decided we would return next week if nothing to come for their pint night on wednesday.

monday (2/20): rocky rococo’s pizza. overall, i would say as far as square pizza places go, this was pretty decent. i had read some reviews online that said that rocky rococo’s was the place to be, so we tried it out. we’ve always seen it busy for lunch, but we were the only ones in there for dinner…which was slightly eerie. we ordered the large pepperoni pizza so i could eat leftovers for lunch, and because we were both starvin marvins. the atmosphere was nice, a little outdated, but also weird since we were the only ones in there. i kind of wish we could try it when it was busy, but alas. the pizza was good, the sauce tasted a little bit sweeter than mama’s pizza (one of our faves back in fort worth), and it was pan pizza, so the crust was really nice. overall, good place, but also it didn’t blow our minds. thanks for the pizza rocky!

tuesday (2/21): georgie porgie’s. we had seen this place called georgie porgie’s before, it is near the panera we visisted a couple times for lunches, but we didn’t know what kind of food it was. i looked up what the menu offered, and we decided to make it the food we would have before our lent fast (fried food and sweets). the atmosphere seemed overall like it was aimed toward children. but, the burgers were adult sized, which was confusing. i had the georgie porgie burger, equipped with the special sauce (it tasted like thousand island dressing), and matt had a bacon cheeseburger also with the porgie sauce. both the burgers and fries were pretty decent. i think if we were still in racine we would return here to get a burger fix.

sadly, we didn’t get to explore too much of racine’s restaurant world, however we did want to try to capture a few gems and give our opinions. i know that we will have days that we return to racine for matt’s work, so we’ll have to narrow it down to our favorites to try.

glad that aurora is our home,

matt & rachel

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  1. I am so glad you are back posting. It feels like Dad and I are in touch with y’all more often. We enjoy staying up to date on things happening. Mom

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