the season of lent is here. in fact, it started yesterday. hopefully, you all indulged, binged, whatever you want to call it, and enjoyed those things of life that you’re giving up from yesterday until easter.

matt and i have decided to participate in lent, which is something i have not done in the past, but am excited to do with him. last year matt didn’t partake of any animal byproduct, which i applaud him for because we went to the houston rodeo and there were a lot of turkey legs he could have had if he wanted. but, we have decided to be in this together this year. i’m really excited and also nervous about this season.

we discussed on monday (over rocky rococo’s) what we would want to do for lent. the possibilities seemed endless and obvious to us both. we have huge sweet teeth. i mean, huge. i love sweets, and so does matt, and we always enjoy them together. so, we have decided to give up anything sweet. no candy, cookies, cake, desserts after meals, pies, skittles, etc. in addition, we decided to give up fried food as well, which is another huge thing that we love. but, just as we love and will probably crave these things, we want to crave the Lord’s presence in our lives and become more dependent on Him for all things.

in addition to our giving up of sweets and fried food, we have also determined to spend time together with the Lord. often matt and i have our own time with the Lord, and usually discuss or talk about what we’re learning, but we’re also adding this to our season of lent. it is our hope that through this time, we will grow in greater dependence on our Lord, that we will grow together in knowledge of the Word and knowledge of each other.

in the season of lent,

matt & rachel


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