why are we here again?

discouragement is such a awful sounding word, isn’t it? it’s this word that feels like it just stays with you. it’s hard to get out of “being discouraged”, and sometimes it’s hard to encourage others.

well, i would like to say, that discouragement has not won.

we knew moving to illinois would be tough, no doubt. we knew it would stretch each of us in our personal faith, we knew it would stretch our relationship, it would healthily encourage our dependence on each other to accomplish daily things, and it would ultimately make us yearn for more of the Lord and for heaven. but, we did not realize what was and probably is still in store for us.

satan is trying to get a foothold in our lives, we can feel it. every day, in some way one or both of us feels attacked. whether it is by thoughts, insecurities, or even whole situations. we feel the pain and attacks that satan tries to use against us, sometimes against each other, to discourage us and throw us into selfish and ungracious attitudes.

in our attempt to be faithful to what God has called us to do (and that was move to serve Him in Illinois), we have felt the pressure to give in and give up. these situations we have encountered feel like satan’s roadblocks and attacks of discouragement.

this last Saturday at church, we heard a message on the word “serve”, which is something we have both been praying about and looking into. what does it look like for us to serve our community, a charity, and people around us and how can we get plugged in. after praying about it separately and together, we have been looking into serving local organizations and been in contact with people to see where and how we can serve. as we’ve had these things on our heart, satan has attacked.

we are desperate to serve in this place, pray for us as we experience satan’s attacks and as we call upon the strength and power of the Lord to sustain us and reveal His plan for our time in aurora. we are confident that we are supposed to be in this place and desire to serve our Lord.

living to serve, matt & rachel


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