six of fifty-two

i’ve only tried my hand at cooking asian food a couple other times before last night. but, i would like to say through the encouragement of my husband, and the desire to not start “repeats” of dinner meals, i found a recipe!

side note: for some reason i’m terrified to start over on my repertoire of dinner meals. i just want to keep adding and trying new things! plus, i’m always fearful of either matt or i becoming terribly burnt out on meals. the only thing we probably will not get burnt out on is queso dip. we love it too much.

thanks to pinterest (!) i was able to find a great recipe for sesame chicken. and thankfully, it turned out very yummy!

so, week 6: sesame chicken. to give credit where it is due, i’m directing you to the blog i got the recipe from. yes, i pinned it from pinterest, but i’m going to send you directly to the source!

i made a couple tweaks, mainly because i’m allergic to oysters and thus the sauce (we ended up putting in more soy sauce/honey to make up for the lack of oyster sauce). and we also added carrots and water chestnuts for some added texture/vitamins. added to some rice, this made for a very filling and delicious asian dinner!

we kind of forgot to take pictures as we were cooking, so here is our finished product. sesame chicken and pink lemonade–what a great dinner!

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