finally illini

yes, its true. we’ve given in (we kind of had to by law).

this past week, i made the venture to scout out the dmv. thankfully it wasn’t too busy the day i went, and i had the necessary paperwork, so i went ahead and surrendered the texas license. i had to show the new social security card, birth certificate, marriage license, texas license and two pieces of mail. so basically, the dmv makes you bring your life in there when you have go.

so i go there, and do all the paperwork, pay, take the exam (which i end up having anxiety over and only missed 1, mom are you proud?), snap a photo, get the card, and i’m done.  all of this in 40 minutes so i left with hopeful feelings about returning with matt to register/plate our cars.

the nice thing is the dmv is open on saturdays; this was great because obviously matt had to appear in person to get his license, and then to title/register/plate our cars together, we needed to go at the same time. this saturday was the day. they opened at 7:30, but who in their right mind wants to get up that early on a saturday (even if it is to beat a “crowd”) to go to the dmv. we ended up arriving at 9:30.

it was actually a really smooth process for us in the beginning. matt only waited about 10 minutes before they called his number so he could go through the whole “obtaining a license” process. however, there was a small hiccup at the end of our new licenses journey–they had forgotten to put him in the system to actually obtain a card. matt was very observant though, and we were able to get it taken care of quickly. we both have glowing faces in our new licenses; we should show them, but we don’t want our identities stolen.

the next process was for getting the title/registration/plates. what a headache. thankfully, they were also quick to help us, we probably waited 15 minutes until called. we explained our situation and were handed some forms. now, i would say that one of the most irritating parts about this was being handed forms. i don’t mind filling out your form, however, i like to know how to do so. after a moment of clarification/frustration, we set to filling out the forms and returned to the counter. the lady was actually very helpful and understanding. we received our plates, registration, paid, and our titles are forthcoming!

all that in only two hours. i guess it isn’t the most glamorous was to spend our saturday morning, and we were kind of tired after that whole bit, but at least it is done! we haven’t broken any laws illinois!

making things official,

matt & rachel


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  1. the test obviously did not include driving a standard!!!

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