Week 2 Recipe – Lasagne

finished product

well sort of. this week rachel and i did make homemade lasagne but the part that counts for my recipe is the pasta. that is right, we made our own pasta. for years, i have been wanting to make my own pasta and finally have been able to use the fancy pasta machine we have. pasta isn’t especially hard but it is something i have never made and always wanted to. Using this recipe from Mario Batali which is super simple, i found that making your own pasta is also like a delicate science (at least the first few times). as i followed the recipe and tried to do as it said, i found my dough getting all clumpy and messy. it didn’t look anything like what it was supposed to look like or what you see on tv. also, mine was completely dry. my pasta roller/cutter had a recipe for it but it was in grams since it was actually from italy, so i didn’t use that but it did say if it was dry, to add water. so we added a little bit of water and this really helped bind the mixture together and make it into that doughy substance like thing that it was supposed too. the batali recipe says that the dough isn’t supposed to be elasticy but mine was.

kneading the dough

after letting it rest, we cut the dough into sections and started the rolling process. we had to work it through the machine on the lowest setting (biggest opening) for 5 or 6 times, then increase it to the next setting (the gap getting smaller). i must say, we really enjoyed this process and it was really cool seeing the dough come together. after rolling it out, we draped it out onto the pasta dryer to let it dry for a little bit. here is the end result and our homemade lasagne:

making it thinner
gradually rolling it outmaking it thinnerdrying some pastadrying some pasta
with fresh french bread


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  1. I really enjoyed your post. Sometimes the humidity in your home (weather really effects pasta and bread) means that adjustments must be made in a recipe. I’m glad you made the effort because your lasagna looks beautiful. By the way, I am a transplanted Texan as well.

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