Starting cooking goals – Week 1 (Pretzels)

So, seeing Rachel do all of this cooking and trying new things has inspired me to join in her 2012 goal of making a recipe a week. I know that I am already a couple of weeks behind but I figure we can make up some time and do some interesting things. So, just in case you forgot what the challenge is, we must make a new dish/recipe each week and it must be something that we have never done. Right now, I am tinkering with the idea of doing a different cuisine for a different country every week. But, we will see if that comes to fruition over the long term.

Anyways, the first recipe I did was for pretzels. I saw this recipe in the Peter Reinhart book that Rachel has and I was planning on doing it Sunday until I realized that it needed to sit overnight which isn’t a possibility when I am impatient and want to make something now. So, I was able to find another rcipe by Alton Brown which looked pretty good.

I don’t know if I ever realized how labor intensive the pretzels were. Overall it isn’t that much work, but when you have to start rolling out the dough over and over again, it can wear out my muscles. The recipe is pretty simple and straight forward.

One of the hardest things was taking the pretzel out of the boiling water mixture. I put it on the baking sheet but then it got a little soaked just staying in a pool of water. i tried to not get that much water as i took it out but was not totally successful. this made a couple of pretzels soggy on the bottom. overall, this was a really good recipe and they taste great by themselves or with a little mustard. it wasn’t that hard and is a great snack.

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