patriots vs. giants

well, the superbowl is tomorrow (in case you didn’t know). and you might remember how i’m not a fan of either team?  maybe my passion wasn’t displayed well enough. but, i really don’t like eli manning or tom brady. again, matt tells me that both teams cannot lose, but i’m still wishing that was an option. we were discussing  a couple superbowl related things this morning: 1) what food we’ll be eating and 2) who we will be “supporting”.

to address 1): carrots, celery, buffalo chicken dip, wheat thins, french onion dip, chili dogs, queso and chips. yes, its just us. this counts as dinner, and we still have to go get the hot dogs tonight after church!

2): matt called it “the lesser of two evils”, and boy, is he ever right. it is exactly that. so, who do we “want” to win? i guess we’re going with the patriots. although for me, its kind of like one of the teams is 45% evil and the other team is 44% evil. i in no way, want to diminish the fact that i’m unpleased with this matchup.

also, i know i’m putting matt through some very terrible comments, i know that the patriots don’t win “every time”, and that victor cruz probably isn’t a “terrible person”, but he listens to my lamenting, even though it is irrational and not founded on fact. thank you for that. to the audience: i have already apologized to my husband for my ridiculous comments and thanked him for putting up with me; thankfully he is very gracious and listens to my silliness.

unpleased, but still watching the superbowl,



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