day 15, 16

rachel day 15

i know matt just blogged about this song, but i’m also going to  write a little bit about it. mandisa is probably one of my favorite female christian artists—i love the lyrics to her songs, they are usually pretty catchy and easy to remember. so, he shared a little bit about “waiting for tomorrow”, which is probably one of my favorite songs by her.

i just kept repeating these two lines “every day’s a day that’s borrowed // so why am i waiting for tomorrow?”

it is kind of hard not having a job and not feeling  useful in that way.  matt never makes me feel useless and i know that i am contributing to our home and being as helpful as i can, but it’s still something i struggle with at times. anyways, this song just is a helpful reminder to me, especially when i might be feeling down about that, that i can still be productive, still accomplish things, and still put forth a good effort to accomplish much because i have to make the most of the day. it is a day i wasn’t promised and so in an often failing effort to work for the Lord, i have to at least try to do well. does that make sense?

anyways, this song, so great. have a listen if you’re so inclined!

rachel day 16

i’ve come to recognize that when i blog about my songs i usually just write about two or three lines. i am almost wondering how this would be different if i had an approach of thinking about songs in their entirety. but, i will tell you the reason i usually do that—i don’t know the lyrics. yeah, i could probably look them up, but it is hard to focus and repeat a whole song to myself. and, it is also difficult to be looking up lyrics everytime a song comes on.

my song for this day  is jeremy camp -“overcome”. it is so powerful, so freeing. the song talks about how Jesus came as the perfect and spotless Lamb, how He died, and then overcame death and sin. and through that, by that, how He has authority, victory and power. that is so great-such a wonderful song about the power of the Lord. i love too, at the end of the song , it talks about how we, people, overcome through the power of Christ. how freeing to know, and be reminded that we have overcome sin and death through the power of Jesus.

Matt day 15

many times in my life i will see a word that will trigger a song in my head. this happened the other day on my way back from wisconsin. as we were driving along, i saw this sign that said “glory to Jesus”. that immediately triggered a song in my mind that i kept singing the rest of the day. The song is “Te doy gloria”. yes, that is spanish. i originally heard this at my old church in san antonio and again last year at CFNI. I love how the music picks up and it excites my heart. It is a fantastic and wonderfully put together song. Hillsong originally did this song in english and it has since been translated to spanish. the english version is really good but for some reason, i really enjoy the spanish version. in it, it talks about how beautiful and great Jesus is and how great is His love and the power of the cross that rescued us from sin. This song is really about proclaiming Christ and giving Him glory for all that He did. simple as that. to Jesus be the glory and may our lives glorify him. here are the translated lyrics: “How! Hermoso Eres JESUS (JESUS ​​You’re Beautiful) Son Tus Palabras, Es Tu Amor (Are Your Words, Your Love Is) Cuan! How! Glorioso Eres JESUS (Glorious You JESUS)
Es Tu Poder, Fue Tu Cruz, (It is Thy Power, Thy Cross was), La Que Me Salvo Me Rescato (That saved me I rescue I) Un Momento Ahí Nos Dio Libertad. (A Moment That gave us liberty)” forgive the awful translation. the last part simply says glory, glory…glory to you Jesus.

Matt day 16

The song i have for today is “Come to Jesus” by Chris Rice. This song seems to be a song that goes through the journey of life. from the beginning (“Weak and wounded sinner// Lost and left to die“) to the beginning of a life with Christ (“Now your burden’s lifted//And carried far away// And precious blood has washed away the stain,// so Sing to Jesus “) and finishes with the end of this short life (“And with your final heartbeat// Kiss the world goodbye// Then go in peace, and laugh on Glory’s side,// and Fly to Jesus“). What i love about this song is that with every life circumstance, guilt, pain, shame, hardship, joy and fear, it tells us to go to the source. the source of life. God didn’t promise us an easy life and to think that is naive of me. there will be pain, and probably a lot. that is something that is written in His word in multiple places. but with every pain, comes opportunity. opportunities to grow which are not fun or easy. the way my life grows unfortunately is often through the storm. i wish it didn’t. but it does. The middle verse will sum up my life and maybe most of yours at times, “Sometimes the way is lonely// And steep and filled with pain// So if your sky is dark and pours the rain,// then Cry to Jesus“. In the midst of trials and storms and the greatest of hurts our God is there to listen but how often do we come to Him. how often do i go to God first with my problems. honestly, i don’t go to him first, i talk to those around me and then later i will talk to him. or i will try to put on a strong front but God sees right through it all. He will meet me where i am. He will meet me in the middle of all my hurt and pain. All He says is to “Come”. This song reminds me to go to Jesus when times are good and worth dancing and go to Jesus and cry with Him when hurt and troubles come. He knows our problems, he knows our pain. He has been through it all and knows us intimately. He suffered in ways we can’t imagine and the pain I go through, He knows what that is like. So this is my song, on this day with these emotions, I go to Jesus. that is His command and all I know what to do. He meets me where I am, He loves me for who I am and He will help. it may not be what I want, but in the end it will be good. The pain may come and probably will, but Jesus has already come. may i now always go to Him.


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