day 12, 13, 14

rachel day 12

talk about a rough morning. i’ve had a few rough mornings the past few days with being sick, but today was really bad. as the day has gone on though, this song by needtobreathe has been on the radio several times and i just keep thinking about how i can take charge of the day and remember that the Lord is in control.

days they force you // back under those covers // lazy mornings they multiply // but glory’s waiting // outside your window // so wake on up from your slumber // open up your eyes

there is glory to be had in the day, even when i’m not feeling well. i think this song is not only a charge to literally “wake up”, but also a challenge to become more aware of the Lord’s working around you and how you are involved in His work. such a great reminder!

i love songs that just become a steady reminder of something the Lord is doing. one thing i’m really thankful for about this challenge is that it has daily captivated my mind on the truth and work of Christ. my mind is hearing something encouraging, something that echoes truth. that’s wonderful for me, because my mind can be everywhere in 5 minutes. the focus and meditation on truth is such a beautiful and freeing thing.

wake on up from your slumber, open up your eyes.

rachel day 13

today i was just reminded and kept thinking about the change that happens within us as the Lord is using us. when we have submitted our lives to Him, He can really work in us and through us for the benefit of others. i love that. it’s like now the Lord can really use us to show Him. yes, we still sin and must repent, but through Him we are continually sanctified and being used. that is such an encouragement to me.

but You knew me better
for You there was never a doubt
God, since You gave me life
something was different, i knew it the instant
You put the light in me

the light in me-brandon heath

rachel day 14

wow. it has been two weeks so far that we have chronicled our journey on this challenge. that is so wild! it doesn’t seem like that at all. so, in keeping with my goal for myself to write the psalms, today all i’ve been thinking about is the phrase “King of Glory”. Read Psalm 24, it repeats “who is this King of glory?” and then it answers and says “the Lord strong and mighty”.

so, today i’ve had just kind of smattering of songs that have the words “King of glory” in them. i haven’t heard them on the radio or looked them up, just those songs came to my head because that was what i read this morning.  i can’t even put my finger on which one i would want to share, but just think about those words “King of glory”. that is the God we serve.

if you’re really wanting a song to listen to, let me suggest “king of glory”, but jesus culture, third day, or chris tomlin.

Matt day 12

Today was a hard day to actually pick out a song that really stuck out to me. On my way home from work, i heard three really good and meaningful songs that all hit me in a special way. but on this day, the last song that i heard was the one i want to mention because of how special it is to me. it is one of my favorite songs and it leads me to worship. The song I have for today is “The Stand”. The version i heard on the radio, i couldn’t tell you who it was by and most people know the Hillsong version, but regardless of who sings it, it makes my soul cry out to God.

During the day I am attacked on all sides by different temptations. The more I have grown over the years in my walk with God, I have become more aware of my own sin. it is something that i do pray to God, I want Him to expose my sin even when I am least inclined to. It goes back to Psalm 139:23-24, “23 Search me, God, and know my heart;    test me and know my anxious thoughts. 24 See if there is any offensive way in me,    and lead me in the way everlasting.” The thing I appreciate about all of this is that my awareness for Christ, my need for Him and what He did has grown and I pray that it will continue to grow. That is why part of this song helps me see what God did through Jesus. and what Jesus did for me in radical obedience. The lyrics go, “You stood before my failure// And carried the cross for my shame// My sin weighed upon your shoulders// My soul now to stand” Then what this song does next is lead us to the part of the “Awe” of God. it reminds us of the greatness of His love and mercy. “So what could I say? And what could I do? But offer this heart, Oh God Completely to you

I think about that and what this reminds me is that God sent His son, sent himself here to sacrifice for me. The only thing that will take away my sins. The only thing that will truly make my life clean. the only thing that gives me hope and life. the thing that leaves me in awe. it leaves me speechless. so what can i say? nothing i can say will make me right with God. so what can i do? nothing i can ever do will give me life. nothing i do will ever close the gap between the holiness of God and the sinfulness of matt. i can’t do anything to give me life. except one thing. acceptance. resting in God’s grace and finding peace from having to try to earn salvation which will never be done.

The final part of this song is me laying down my life and saying thanks be to God. “I’ll stand //With arms high and heart abandoned// In awe of the one who gave it all// I’ll stand// My soul Lord to you surrendered //All I am is yours“. This gets me because i have to let go of my heart and whatever else i am holding onto. in puts things in perspective for me to stop looking in the world for satisfaction or comfort or joy and stand in awe, in amazement of God. our minds cannot comprehend Him no matter how hard we try. so, what else is left to do but surrender to the only thing worth surrendering. i am giving in to God and giving Him all of me. He knows i will fight Him for control at times. He knows I will fail, but there He is leading me to a life of surrender.

Matt Day 13

Alright, i must be honest. this song actually hit me on day 11 but it took me several days to figure out which song it is even though i have heard it numerous times. The song is “Waiting for Tomorrow” by Mandisa. When i heard this song i was kind of lost in thought and thinking a lot about life. thankfully, God opened my ears to hear the lyrics for the first time. I have been doing a lot of thinking about as a Christians what am i doing with my life. on this day as i was driving home, a news report came on one of the radio stations talking about 11 drivers being killed in Florida by some freak accident. A fe moments later, i hear this song and how i don’t want to wait for tomorrow. as i was driving i started to think about the real repercussions of me not making a difference and just going through life. for some reason, i have been blessed with life and am alive for another day. the whole reason rachel and i are up here are to do something for God. it may be big or it may be small, but whatever the reason is, i am tired of just saying i want to make a difference. i am tired of just paying God lip service and say i want to do things, i want to serve, i want to do “X”. but what do i do? i do nothing. I feel God has really been working on my heart the last few years in terms of missions and discipling. i can hear His call to serve and do things, but when the time comes, i don’t follow through like i should. i don’t want to waste the things He has given me or blessed me with. we have a few short years in this world and i don’t want to waste it. i can keep telling God, i will do this and i will do this, but the thing is, sometimes i just need to do. whether that is talking to someone or showing kindness and love to someone or truly sharing the Gospel, whatever it is He deserves my best. He reminded me this day that i don’t have to worry about the words or saying the right thing, that He will bless me with those. I just pray that i will be open, willing and obedient to his leading.

Look at some of these lyrics and they sum up what i feel. “Can’t spend my whole life wastin’ //Everything I know I’ve been given// ‘Cause you’ve made for so much more than.” it says it perfectly. “Everyday’s a day to start over //So, why am I waiting for tomorrow//I’m gonna grab the hand that’s reachin down// And I’m not gonna wait until tomorrow Oh, tomorrow“. The song speaks of forgiveness, using your past to help others and use the grace that God has given us.

Matt day 14

the song for today is by David Crowder and it is called “Shadows”. This is a wonderful song and it talks to me a lot about how God will take the pain away. in a time of pain and hurt, God will get us through. I heard Crowder describe this song and he said that it referred to Abraham and Isaac and how God provided a lamb in this dark, sacrificial hour. The storms toss us around and we will hurt, but God is good and will get us through. He has provided a true lamb for us most importantly. Also, that lamb will get us through the darkness. This is a wonderful song  and it talks about the range of emotions we all go through. Here is the lyrics that stand out the most, “When darkness falls on us//We will not fear//We  will remember// When all seems  lost//When we’re thrown and we’re  tossed//We remember the cost//We rest in Him//Shadow of the cross.” and that is the key, that i rest in Him in the shadow of the cross. my hope, my joy, my everything. not a symbol, not a place, the life-giving, life-altering joy of the Lord that comes from his nearness, his presence and his will which is beyond our understanding. God is rest and God is here.

if you are up for a different touch, check out the version with lecrae.


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