crafting: headband

so, i’ve recently taken up some new hobbies in lieu of having a job/while on the job hunt. everyone knows you can’t spend all 10 hours a day (aka when matt is at work) searching online for a job. so, i’ve been crafting.

they have been a fun little hobbies that i’ve only dabbled in before. i’ve always had some fun ideas or things i wanted to try. just things to try my hand and see if i really was creative or not.

well, i present to you my first little craft that i’ve been working on. i’m making a headband for myself. i found this thread in the clearance bin at meijer and found my old knitting needles. thankfully i remembered a thing or two from those 4-h days and picked it right up again!

my first illinois craft!

the second one is taken from my phone, so it isn’t as good of quality. i think i’m going to look for a couple cute brown/wooden buttons to put on this as a decoration and it will be complete!


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  1. Rachel, I love all the colors in your headband. Good job. I have always wanted to learn how to knit.

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