5 of 52

recipe update!

i’m going to propose that i receive the “wife of the year” award. no, we haven’t been married for a year, and yes, it is only january. but, this should support my platform.

so, just a reminder,  i’m going to accomplish (new) 52 recipes this year! and i’ve done 5! i’m well on my way!

lets recap, shall we:

week 1: coffee cake

week 2/3: pizza dough & pizza sauce

week 4: buffalo chicken dip

week 5: french bread

yes, this week’s recipe comes again from peter reinhart’s (i’m making good use of my wedding gifts!) artisan breads every day.

every week we try to plan about 5 meals to cook for dinner, so this usually involves some planning before going to the store. well, actually last week we didn’t plan at all. i went to the store to see what was on sale and came back with lasagne as one of our options. and actually we didn’t end up eating the lasagne last week, so it is carrying over to this week (today). to go with the lasagne though, i thought i would make my next recipe french bread. i’ve never tried it and to be honest was nervous about the prospect of it. thankfully the recipe consists of 4 ingredients, and requires only a beginner skill level.

still, i’m always nervous that i’m going to have to take matt out to ice cream because i’ve cooked something awful. thankfully, he is always very encouraging and gracious. and this week, eh, it didn’t quite turn out like i thought/wanted, so it was a little disappointing. the bread ended up being dense and hearty, which isn’t characteristic of a french bread. i’m not sure yet what i did/didn’t do. i need to revisit the recipe and instructions to see what i missed and try again!

here are some pictures of the bread (the lasagne will be shown later!).


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