i mailed it in

back in late summer probably (ish?), matt and i went to go see the movie cowboys and aliens. ok, stop. i know you’re laughing at that. the purpose was to laugh at it, not to actually enjoy the storyline or acting or cinematography. so we went and walked out sad for harrison ford. whatever happened to that “scoundrel” from star wars, or indiana jones (not the one with the aliens, mind you)? and it was then that i first heard the expression “mailed it in” from matt—that was his one comment about the acting and harrison ford in particular.

for those of you who might not know what “mail it in” means, it is basically a fun little idiom that indicates that someone has done a less than stellar job, received payment, and then “mailed it in” to the bank or powers that be, or what have you. harrison ford (in our opinion) did not have a stellar performance, but was handsomely rewarded for his half-hearted effort and thus “mailed it in”.

well folks, this week i have “mailed it in” in regard to my recipe goals. i would like to say that the recipe is something i haven’t made before, but it was a slight cop out, i didn’t learn any new techniques or skills, i didn’t enhance my finesse like last week with the pizza and sauce. however, what i made this week still very much counts. it is still something i’ve never made before and as such is applicable (have i convinced you yet?).

i made buffalo chicken dip (ta-da!) courtesy of a recipe found on pinterest. to all of you who scorn the thought of that, let me say that it still counts! it sounded so yummy to matt and i, so i made it. no, it was not challenging, it was putting 7 ingredients into a bowl, mixing and baking, but it was delicious.

enjoy the pictures (errr… picture, we ate it too fast to take more) of our appetizer-turned-side dish!


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