day 8

rachel day 8

my song for the day is “strong enough” by matthew west. i’ve had it in my head all day! i just keep repeating to myself  “i’m not strong enough to be//everything that i’m supposed to be//hands of mercy won’t you cover me//Lord right now i’m asking you to be strong enough” i also love that phil 4:13 is a part of the song–what a great verse “i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

i love this because we can call upon the Lord to be our strength. i didn’t feel that well yesterday, and today i feel alot better, but i’ve still been physically weak. when i am weak (physically, mentally spiritually, emotionally), He is strong. it was so good for me to have some [forced] down time, because i was able to rest in the Lord.

other parts of the song seem to relate to life a little bit. when challenging things come your way (like moving, starting or looking for a new job), i can always acknowledge the Lord as strong enough and he is ultimately over the situation. what a wonderful encouragement that i don’t have to be in control.

here’s your video:

Matt day 8

The song i have for you today is an oldie but a goodie. well, not that old, but it feels like it has been around for a while. I was first introduced to this song several years ago in my old church in san antonio. it came during a time of some really deep hurt and pain. unfortunately, the scars remain but one of the fondest memories i will ever have during that time, the time that sticks to me the most, is when this song started to be played toward the end of service. As the music played, i wasn’t too sure about the words. normally i will sing the words no matter what, whether i know the song or not, but on this day, my ears (and more importantly my heart) was open and listening. That day was one of, if not the first day i remember crying in church. The words resounded in my heart full of hurt. it took a man so full of guilt and shame and pain, and gave him reminders. it came on like a storm but the music was soft. the words became an echo in my mind…”everyone needs forgiveness, the kindness of a Saviour“. as the band played i remembered how i was to forgive for that hurt. i was reminded how kindness was shown to me by the forgiveness of my own sins.

then, i hear a phrase that sticks with me to this day, “So take me as You find me, All my fears and failures, Fill my life  again. I give my life to follow// Everything I believe in, Now I  surrender.” This was my time to ask God to fill my life with Him. What i love is that God will take me as He finds me. He will come and meet me wherever i am at that moment and at that time. not just for one day, but for the rest of my days. in whatever circumstance i am in for that day, feeling good or without strength to keep going, God is willing to meet me and offer me His saving grace. That may be a provision, that may be healing, that may be strength, that maybe forgiveness, that may be love, that may be any number of things but there He is with an outstretched arm saying “take my hand and follow me. I will lead you home.” as the song played that day, and on this day, i was  reminded to surrender. not some of the day or myself, but every part. not even 99.9%, but everything. it is amazing how often i want to be in control instead of letting the giver and sustainer of life be in control. instead of the one who makes all things possible, my little pea brain mind tries to solve issues or resolve a situation that i will never have control over.

The chorus kicked back up and came in like a mighty storm into my life, “My Saviour, He can move the mountains, My God is Mighty to save, He is  Mighty to save. Forever, Author of salvation, He rose and conquered the  grave, Jesus conquered the grave.” He can move the mountains and boy has he moved mountains of sin and inadequacy in my life. That day, the pile of sin that i kept seeing and was in front of my face was taken away. it had been taken away years ago but i kept bringing it back. i kept saying what about this God and this. That day, He reminded me he moved that “mountain” of sin. on day 8, He reminded me that He will move the mountains, or icebergs, that i am dealing with in my life. no matter what the attack is or how weak i am or how strong i am not, my God is. This day I heard the song in the morning and as the day went on and the arrows of evil flew, Jesus told me it is over. He gave me victory and he saved a wretch like me. the author of salvation wrote my name in his book. I pray that the last few words will never be lost. He conquered the grave. his power is beyond any comprehension, may i never confine Him or try to make him smaller than He is. I pray that His light will shine so that the whole world can see, and maybe the “whole world” to me right now is work and this new adventure.

matt and rachel


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