we made a friend named brian!

isn’t that so great?!

he is the bartender at quigley’s (on wednesdays, presumably other days as well). and he’s from ireland. a real irish guy at a real irish bar. how about that!

when we were here in december for our apartment search, we drove by and found quigley’s in downtown naperville and thought if we ended up in the area we would want to pay them a visit.

the awesome thing is that it is a straight shot about 5.5 miles down liberty (the road we turn onto from our apartment complex) to quigley’s. literally the only turn we make is out to liberty, which is awesome. the bar itself was a nice place, very homey, similar to gman in that regard. they had 16-20 beers on tap, although we weren’t pleased to know that the beer of the month was sierra nevada celebration (yuck, my disgust for it needs a post unto itself to convey how much i do not like it).

so, unlike the pint nights that we had experienced in fort worth, it seems like the chicagoland area is more known for “mug clubs”. you purchase a mug (we purchased a wednesday mug) and then we can come in and have our mug filled with the wednesday specials (guinness, smithwicks, or harp). it is a 24oz mug, and you pay $4.50 for it! nice! we’ll take it! it isn’t our traditional pint night, but it’ll work!

we talked to the bartender for awhile too about some local bars and places in the area. he recommended a place in oswego we will go try out soon! it is exciting to find these places we can go to that can become “ours”. you know, those places where you like to hang out, talk to the people who work there, become a regular. i’m excited to see where we’ll become “regulars”. for now, it’ll be quigley’s on wednesdays, but we’ll see what else turns up!

our mugs-but clearly not our faces
guinness is made in dublin, which is also where brian is from!

making due with mug club,

matt & rachel

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