water damage update

remember this day?

i had my debate about whether to wake up matt, we awoke to some puddles in the bathroom, we couldn’t use our closet light for 4 days.

well, finally we made it to the top of the list for maintenance to come and pay us a visit. to be honest, we’re a little annoyed that it has taken so long. when you hear the maintenance guy say “wow” and “that’s going to have to come out”, it isn’t the most comforting thing. we weren’t lying when we said there was water damage, and in fact a “10 of 10” on your moisture scale proves we’re not dumb. and here is the damage…

as if you haven’t seen enough pictures of our bathroom…this is from our door frame (i almost just spelled “frame” with a “ph”) to the cabinet. it is about as tall as my knee for some perspective.

the machine is a dehumidifier that is supposed to be pulling the rest of the moisture out of the wall…we’ll see.











the ceiling; this is probably a 1′ x 1′ square at the largest point. and the pipe that made it all happen!

so i think we’re a little disappointed that we aren’t doing this “home improvement” ourselves. i mean, we’re glad that our apartment will take care of the mess. but this isn’t what we had in mind.

surviving the water damage and no plumber’s cracks yet (thank goodness),

matt & rachel


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