superbowl teams

all i have to say is:

i do not approve of this superbowl matchup situation. not at all.

you’ll remember back when we posted commentary, that i was unsure of who i would be wanting to win if the outcome were to be that the giants and patriots went to the superbowl. well, i still don’t know who i want to win, and i’m sure that matt will be suffering through some endless comments and ridiculous notions about the abilities of either team whenever we do watch it.

actually, at this point in time, i’m not sure if i can make it through the superbowl. i am extremely passionate about my dislike for both tom brady and eli manning, i might just take a nap or something.

i wish there was a way to make it so both teams didn’t win. but, matt tells me that isn’t possible. darn. well, i guess i hope that practices don’t go well for either team, and that the game is over quickly.

boo patriots and boo giants.

p.s. alex smith, i was really hoping for a better outcome. you’re a way better dude in my opinion and i’m sorry for the loss.

passionate about both teams losing,



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