as promised, here are some pictures from the pizza/pizza sauce making experiment. it was a wonderful success!

the sauce and dough!

we even learned how to appropriately stretch and make the pizza into the right shape. you don’t actually “have” to throw the pizza, i never did because i was afraid it might fall on the floor, but matt did and looked like a pro!

here are some pictures!


the recipe for the dough was for 5 10-12″ pizzas, so we made two pizza on friday, and then i froze the other three. the book said it would keep for several months if frozen. the first pizza had a garlic butter crust, which was matt’s idea and it turned out wonderfully. it also had onion, the pepperoni and green pepper. then the original (pictured) had a regular crust, pepperoni and green pepper.

another idea we had was to make a dessert pizza by reducing thinly sliced apples, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon and then putting the mixture on top of another crust to be baked. so, one of the balls of dough is already defrosted and about to be used for a dessert!

accomplishing goals and learning how to stretch pizza dough,

matt & rachel


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