fruit ninja

what is fruit ninja, you ask? it is a wonderful way to waste time and compete with your spouse.

the first day we downloaded fruit ninja was thanksgiving day 2011. we had hung out with another couple friend (who just recently got married!), and they were telling us about the magic of fruit ninja.

well, let me back up. fruit ninja is a game to be played on your cellular device. for whatever reason (probably that i have a palm), i cannot play it on mine, so we play on matt’s (iphone). basically, you use your finger as sword to “slice” the virtual fruits. beware though, you may also hit a bomb, which ends your game. the game can also be ended by missing fruits, or not slicing them.

so, the object of the game is to acquire as many points as possible. this is achieved by hitting combinations (slicing three or more fruits at the same time), or by hitting the critical fruits (10 points). sometimes you even get the ultra rare fruit (50 points), although i think we’ve both only had that fruit about  three times each.

matthew and i create various challenges to play this game against each other. this includes left-handed challenges, holding the phone upside down, not touching the phone other than to “slice”, etc.

also, we usually end up taking turns to beat each other’s high score. the last time matt reached a high score was sometime before our wedding. but, lo and behold, i just recently beat the high score that he had reached this past weekend. beat it by 49 points! can you tell we are a little competitive with this?

you have no idea the rush that comes over you when you’re so close to the current high score, and then boom! you hit a bomb. or, the rush that comes over you when you’ve reached the high score and an insatiable hunger to get to a higher score comes over you! what a wonderful feeling.

if you’re feeling like wasting some time and/or competing with a loved one, go ahead and treat yourself and purchase the $1.99 game in the app store. it will be well worth it.

anytime Rachel nears my high score, this crazy big grin comes over here face. it is almost like something mischievous. she gets so excited about getting near or beating my score that she can barely contain herself. while I am very competitive, the joy that comes over her anytime she beats my score is something pretty sweet

competitive at meaningless games,

matt & rachel



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