day 2 & 3 songs

i’m going to combine my song for yesterday and today into one, because it has been a song i have really been thinking about.

its the song “not to us” by chris tomlin. have you heard it? it is a little older on the Christian music scene; but remains one of my favorites. the lyrics are very simple, yet they possess this wonderful reminder that everything is not about me. so often i find myself wanting so much of life to be about my own needs and wants, and usually try to find a way to make that happen. however, this song is the reminder that this life isn’t about the glory of rachel (as much as i sometimes wish it would be). this life is about the Lord and bringing glory to His name.

the other thing i love about this song is that the lyrics often say “its all for You”. meaning, creation, people, the lives we have been given, the days. anything and everything, it is all for the glory of the Lord. i wish i lived my life more to the glory of the Lord than to the glory of rachel; something that makes me very much a work in progress.

not to us, but to Your Name be the glory
not to us, but to Your Name be the glory


My songs for day 2 and 3 are a little bit of a surprise to me. I want to post certain songs from some groups that have meant a lot to me over the years, yet these past two days, these songs have been stuck in my head and are fitting for what was happening during these days.

Day 2 song is “whatever you’re doing (something heavenly)” by Sanctus Real. On Saturday, Rachel and I decided to go back to this church we attended last week and check out their Saturday night worship. The message was all about listening and how hard it is to sometimes just shut up and listen. Most of the times, if not all, I feel the need to talk to God and I forget that it is supposed to be a conversation and not an oration by me. Why in the world would I not listen to the Almighty? But for some reason, I do not listen well and just be still. So as we were on our way to church or earlier in the day, one of the radio stations played this song. I so love the lyrics to it. I don’t always know what God is doing, actually I don’t know most of the time because I cannot see the big picture even though I want to be focused on the upper story. As the day went on, it kept sticking with me and I was reminded that I don’t know what He is doing inside of me. I need to listen. Here are some of the lyrics that I really enjoy:

Whatever you’re doing inside of me
It feels like chaos somehow there’s peace
It’s hard to surrender to what I can’t see
but I’m giving in to something heavenly

Am I doing everything to follow your will
or just climbing aimlessly over these hills
So show me what it is you want from me

Time to face up
Clean this old house
Time to breathe in and let everything out

Whatever you’re doing inside of me
It feels like chaos but now I can see
This something bigger than me
Larger than life something heavenly
Something heavenly

It just reminds me that there is something heavenly going on that I cannot see. While it may feel like chaos right now, there is a great will and plan and purpose behind it all. 

My day 3 song is “something beautiful” by Needtobreathe. This morning as Rachel got ready for our day, I was working on the computer. I had the television tuned to a Christian music station and I heard this song. It is funny because it actually came at a really bad moment for me. But in that moment of hurt and pain I hear these lyrics that made me remember what I really want out of life and it is not material or job or power or possessions or anything, it is this simple yet powerful thing that satisfy beyond all compare:

Hey now, this is my desire

Consume me like a fire

‘Cause I just want something beautiful to touch me

And the water is rising quick

And for years I was scared of it

We can’t be sure when it will subside

So I won’t leave your side

No I can’t leave your side

In that moment, hearing those words, I knew what was most important. The song has been stuck in my head all day and I have been filled with such joy and such peace. My one desire that will never fail me or let me down and the thing that my soul longs for and will long for as long as I am in this earth, my Lord Jesus.


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  1. Dude I love these, and your insights encouraged me tonight. I miss you bro!

  2. I just realized I am not sure which of you posted this, so please use “dude & dudette” or “bro & sis” as appropriate :-).

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