well, this is fun

so, you know when its the middle of the night and you hear something you just know means that something bad is happening. no, it isn’t anything sinister, its just a house noise that is unsettling.

that happened.

last night.

about 2:00 last night (this morning) our heater was going, which you know, since its 4 degrees outside that’s pretty normal. but, i woke up to the heater going and also a tap. one that came about every two seconds. then as i woke up more, i could hear a trickle. well, darn it. i was hesitant to wake up matt, mainly because we had been sleeping for three hours and he had to get up in four hours and who in the heck knew how long this would take. but, if i got up to check it out and/or called emergency maintenance for our apartment he would wake up anyway. so, i tell matt i’m going to go check out a sound i’m hearing in the bathroom.

can you see the puddles? and in the cabinet?

sure enough. puddles in the bathroom, water trickling into our cabinet under the sink, and a couple small trickles of water coming down the wall. that’s nice. the wall it was coming from is also the wall that is shared with the back of our closet, so we check the closet as well. no puddles, but there is some dripping from the light fixture and a nice little pool of water in the light fixture (quick turn it off!) and boom, that was the noise i was hearing. that single drop of water hitting the carpet was what woke me up. so, we call emergency maintenance at 2:06, pray over the situation (mainly what are we supposed to learn/do from this ), and wait to hear back. thankfully the call was returned in about 10 minutes saying that the maintenance person could arrive around 2:45.

we were mainly concerned that a pipe had broken and locating that pipe could be a major headache for both us and the people upstairs. we get a call at 2:50, and the maintenance guy had another apartment to look at to0-and there was a baby there so he went there first. he ends up at our apartment at 3:10 and checks out all of our “leaks”.

he tells us “lets see if your neighbors answer their door”. yeah, ok. that seems like a good idea. and behold, our neighbors toilet has been running this whole time. is it ridiculous to assume you would know/hear if a toilet was running in your apartment? apparently. matt’s response “so is there like 4 feet of crap water up there?” thankfully the maintenance guy said it was clean water, which was nice to hear. he takes some pictures, and then feels that it is best to remove the light fixture in our closet and then he’ll go take care of the water in the apartment above us. we were warned about the vacuum he would be using to suck the water up, but really that was kind of the least of our worries.

by the time the maintenance guy leaves our apartment, it is close to 3:30. again, we pray, thankful that it isn’t something worse, that it was caught early, and that it can be easily fixed. afterwards, we try our best to go back to bed, but that fun dripping sound that started the whole debacle is still present. and it remains present until about 4:15. i think we both finally fell back asleep around 4:30.

at this point in time, we’re still waiting for maintenance to come back and take care of our carpet, the square of linoleum in the bathroom that bubbled up, our ceilings, the light fixture, and the bubbled up paint. they have a 48 hour policy, which is nice, but at the same time it would be nice to have it fixed sooner rather than at the 47th hour. plus the 47th hour would be like at 1am and that is not acceptable. i’m trying to be patient at this point, because honestly, there is the potential for other more urgent problems to be out there that is preventing them from getting to us.

i hope that at some point we look back and it is a comical moment (ok, i did laugh at this last night too). but, i hope at some point matt laughs with me. probably after we’ve both had more sleep. but ultimately, we aren’t really sure what the lesson to be learned from this is. could it just be another example of how we react in moments where we aren’t in control? are we going to have the opportunity to finally meet and maybe minister to our neighbors? are we going to minister to the maintenance people? are we showing the love of Jesus in a stressful moment? i don’t know, but we are looking for something to learn.

in illinois for more than a visit,

matt & rachel


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