weather shock

remember how we just posted about our first snow? yeah. this is another post about the weather. it is kind of shock to the system to go from 80 degrees in fort worth (yeah, that’s the current temp there), to the current temp of 16 degrees in aurora. i know i feel a little shocked by it. i mean, it is an adjustment to move 1000 miles north.

first of all, the snow from last week’s first snow is still in piles. it is off the roads, which is really nice, but it does remain in piles in parking lots.

well, snow has struck again. and with it, single digit temperatures. yesterday when matt got home from work, it was 5 degrees outside. gross.

obviously it only got colder last night, although i don’t know for sure what the actual temperature was. at some point though, everything is just “cold”, it doesn’t even matter what the temperature is, below a certain point, all you need to know is that you need to wear a hat, scarf, and gloves and a couple layers of socks before you go out there.

well, it is snowing again! we’re adding to the northern experience with another potential 6 inches. it is so beautiful though, it has been coming down really heavily since about 11am this morning, and from my perch on the couch where i conduct most of my business, i can see out to our porch and watch the snow coming down.

i tried to capture it, but have fallen short. enjoy, i’m sure when the full 6 inches arrives we will take more pictures…maybe expect a “our second snow” post.

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