want to see our place…

want to see our apartment? if yes, keep reading. if no, then go away (i guess).

it is still a work in progress, but we are getting to where it feels homey. in the next couple weeks we’ll get some pictures printed and hung, and then we should be good!

when you walk in! if you were to turn your head to the right you would see the longer couch and then straight in you would see the tv!

here’s another view if you walk in and turn your head to the left:

the kitchen. behind the fridge on the counter is the spice rack and microwave (can you believe this place doesn’t come with a microwave?! thank you friends for target gift card money that was used to purchase the microwave so we could heat our noms!). also, on the stove is chocolate cake!

the kitchen from another view, if you turn your head to the left (yes, i know i should put dishes up). you can also see through to the living area, and front door.

our bathroom; which by now you’ve seen a lot of pictures of.

bedroom; the door is to the closet, and the door to the bedroom is just to the left of that. our dresser is to my left but didn’t make it into the photo.

the “hallway”. this is taken from the doorway of the bathroom, looking out. ahead is the living room, to the right is the kitchen and to the left is the bedroom.

it is a cute space, i think we are mostly adjusted to the smallness of it compared to our old place. but, the kind of cool thing is that we had merged two apartments into matt’s, and now we’re having to merge our old apartment into the smaller one. we’re making it our home though!

in illinois for more than a visit,

matt & rachel


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